In Praise of the Novelty Wave

23 Mar 16

Well, sure, Rincon’s been firing for weeks on end, Blacks has been gobbling up 8’0″s like candy, and near San Diego has gone mental this El Niño-fueled winter. But you know what’s even more rare? Piddly peelers sneaking underneath fishing piers hidden
And what could be more fun?
Strolling with a board through parking areas unaccustomed to surfers, looking back from the water at a familiar, but also unfamiliar shoreline, riding waves where you’ve always thought: “maybe…just maybe.”
Giant, coast-realigning west swells only come along so often. Well, ok, not this year, when there's one pretty much every week. But who knows what next year will bring? Forgo that drive to the overcrowded and overfrothing winter standbys and carve out some time at your nearest novelty spot. It's like a tiny, one-hour surf trip.