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Surfing Ruined My Life
Fishing Ruined My Life
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Hot Rods Ruined My Life
Hunting Ruined My Life
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Ruined My Life Doctrine
It's an all too familiar and recurring scenario. You are late on an assignment, late for an appointment, late for school or work, late for a family event, or even worse, a no-show! "They will understand" you tell yourself as you fight off the slight feelings of regret that you barely notice creeping upon you.
The surf was pumping, the fish were biting, it was the first day of snow, the first day of hunting season, etc. All legit excuses in the mind of a Ruined My Life follower. You are not irresponsible, not selfish - No way! After all, you have your priorities; and really, we are not talking about missing the birth of your first-born child...
Are We?